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Red Rocks Cup Holder

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This is a brand new cup holder developed specifically for Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater! (we've found it works on park benches/tables well too!)

Our collapsible cup holder is perfect for anyone who attends a show at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater! It sits underneath the bench, but off the ground, keeping your drink safe and your hands free! It collapses into the size of a hockey puck, making it portable and easy to bring to every show! Now you can enjoy your concert experience knowing your drink is safe from drunken stumblers!

Our cup holder fits all beverages sold at Red Rocks concessions, including plastic/metal pint glasses, (vodka) lemonade cups, wine cans, water bottles and especially tallboys!

Please drink responsibly, and please keep this iconic venue beautiful by recycling your empty can, cup or bottle :)

Comes packaged with a drawstring velvet pouch for easy portability, as well as an adjustable satin cover to protect your drink from debris or unwanted substances!

How to use

Unfold the T shaped metal support

Attach the cup holder by sliding the metal support into the channel and securing it with the groove-lock system

Slide the unit through the slats in the wooden bench

Unfold your cup holder and enjoy!


Your cup holder(s) will be shipped by 3pm mst on the nearest business day to your order date.


Due to the natural environment of the amphitheater, the seat heights of the benches are variable- the cup holder is not guaranteed to fit every seat! There are very few seats it won’t fit (about 20 total), but we wanted to be as transparent as possible (Especially the edge seats of rows 12-18 on the “house right” side because of a recent addition of concrete to control puddles) 

-If the assembled folded cup holder doesn’t slide easily between the slats, simply slide the metal bar in first, and attach the cup holder from under the bench) 

Return policy

Defective products will be replaced at no cost to you! Please inform us by email, within 48 hours of receiving, of the products defect, and we'll be happy to replace it at no cost to you! Refunds will not be granted after the 48 hour inspection period.

Help Keep Red Rocks Beautiful! Recycle!

We're committed to keeping Red Rocks beautiful for generations to come! We've partnered with Friends of Red Rocks to keep the park clean and litter free by donating 5%, to continue their efforts towards a waste free oasis! Let's work together to celebrate and preserve the magic only a Red Rocks experience brings!