Enjoy Your Red Rocks Experience To The Fullest!

Our cup holder is designed to install easily and quickly on the benches in the amphitheater. We suggest practicing these steps at home a few times first, so you’re ready for show time when you get to the venue!

step 1: unfold the metal T shaped bar

step 2: slide the T shaped bar info the back of the cup holder through the guide and latch it into the hook. There are two holes to accommodate for varying seat heights.

step 3: place the assembled cup holder between the gap in the wooden bench, unfold and enjoy! 

If the gap in the bench is too skinny to slide the assembled cup holder through, simply slide the T shaped support bar in first, and latch the cup holder while under the bench! 

The first few times you assemble the cup holder might be a little stiff/require a small amount of force! Pressing your thumb on the end while latching also helps allow it to slide easily. After a few tries it starts to be more forgiving and slides easier! It should work ambidextrously but sometimes flipping the T shaped bar around does the trick! Don’t hesitate to reach out if it’s still giving you issues!